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Halloween Party Bag

Halloween Party Bags Are Lots of Fun...You Can Even Make Gift Bags Creepy with a Special Trick or Treat Surprise!

Oh my goodness, there's a roach in my bag! A unique Halloween party bag idea...Or you can just make a window in your Halloween party bag and decorate it with spooky stickers and ghoulish treats...

Weather you need just one or several, you can make gift bags yourself with this cheap and crafty Halloween gift idea. Make these homemade gift bags stand out with our unique idea for enclosing a creepy crawly critter right inside the window.

Use these treat bags for...

  • Homemade Halloween Treats
  • Small Store-Bought Gifts or Homemade Halloween Gifts
  • Halloween Party Bags or Other Halloween Treat Bags

Kids love to see the goodies inside... make sure and include some spooky treats like eye ball wrapped chocolates and Jack-o-Lantern lollipops...

And if you want to get really "trick or treaty," make gift bags with a fake bug in the window, closed in by clear plastic (see instructions below)!

How to Make a Halloween Party Bag with a Surprise Window

Gather the tools and materials for your Halloween party bag...You'll Need:

  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • Transparency film, acetate or other clear film
  • Card stock Paper (for frame)
  • Paperboard or card board (a small strip about as wide as the paper bag, you can use cereal box paperboard)
  • Ribbon about 12 inches at most

  • Optional: flat plastic or rubber critter (as seen top left)
  • Optional: stickers - I used foam stickers (as seen top right)


Halloween Party Bag Instructions:

Trace and cut a window in the front of the paper bag...1. Cut Window. Cut whatever size window you'd like by placing a strip of paper board inside the bag and using a craft knife to cut a square or rectangle in just the front of the bag.

2. Cut and Apply Clear Film. Cut two pieces of clear film a little larger than your opening, about a 1/4 inch will do. Using a glue runner, apply glue around the outside edges of hole. Apply first piece of film.

: If you aren't including a creepy crawly, simply skip to step 4.

Cut and apply clear film completely covering the hole...Tip: It's best to use a glue runner here because it dries instantly upon placing the film but a glue stick can be used instead.




Place a flat toy bug on the clear film and enclose it with another piece of clear film...3. Place Bug and Enclose. If desired, place a flat plastic or rubber critter on top of clear film. Apply glue again over edges and place the other piece of clear film over the bug, suspending the fake bug between.

Tip: Other ways to be creative with this idea... enclose a die cut message, paper confetti, glitter etc...

Make a frame anyway you wish for this Halloween party bag... glue it down firmly.4. Glue Down Frame. Run glue yet again around the outside of hole (over the edges of the clear film). Take four skinny strips of card stock and position them like a frame. Trim as needed and press firmly.


Surprise! You now have a creepy crawly bug enclosed in clear film...

See the roach floating between 2 pieces of transparent film...View inside halloween party bag...

If you want... you can decorate with stickers, stamps or rub-on's!

5. Fill and Close with Decorative Ribbon. Fill bag(s) with candy, toys, a homemade gift or a little of each. Although you can just staple them shut, I prefer to use ribbon. To do this, fold the top of the bag down about an inch. Punch a whole in the top right and left corners. Thread ribbon through from the front and tie in a bow or knot in the back. For a fancier bag, tie bow in front.

A finished Halloween party bag with bow on top...

If you'd like, feel free to include a couple of our Halloween Coloring Sheets along with whatever candy, toys and/or gifts you choose.

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