Card Making Project: How to Make a Pouch for Sendables

Make Greeting Cards for Sending Small Gifts with a Make a Pouch Card Making Template

Sendables can be tucked away into this homemade pouch card and sent by mail...Sending a small gift by mail? How about making a greeting card with a cute little pouch that looks like a present ready to be unwrapped?

This is the perfect card making project for mailing sendables.

Sendables are little gifts that can be mailed easily such as inexpensive or homemade jewelry, key chains, charms, candy, money etc.

Personalize this make a pouch card idea with your own personal choice of patterns, colors and ribbon...

"Make a Pouch" Card Making Project

Nice to Know: Like most of our cards, this homemade pouch card is easy to make with whatever paper and ribbon you have in your craft supplies. However, this card making tutorial will refer to the paper by the colors used here to keep the instructions simple.

Scroll down to see this pouch card made with different colors/papers/ribbon.


  • Simple materials to make greeting cards for sending small gifts called sendables...card blank - 5 x 6.5" white
  • paper - in at least 2 colors or patterns (amount: two 12" or three 8 1/2 x 11") *used here is orange solid and a coordinating polka dot paper, I used paper rather than card stock because it's easier to fold paper into a pouch rather having to score and fold heavy card stock)
  • ribbon - 1 or 2 colors, cut length of 2 feet for each ribbon, use 1/8" size
    note: one of the two used here is actually 1/4", I like the result although it was a snug fit getting through the eyelet
  • template - 4" pouch card making template
  • optional: eyelet


  • hole punch - 1/8" size
  • paper glue
  • paper scissors
  • optional: eyelet setter if using eyelet

To Make a Pouch Card:

  • Print out the 4" pouch card making template provided above
  • Make or purchase a 5 x 6.5" card blank
  • Cut orange paper to 5 x 6.5"
    Tip: If using a 12 x 12" paper, first trim 7" off the 12 x 12" and set aside. You'll need this piece to make the pocket later.
  • Glue to front of card blank and allow to dry
  • Cut polka dot paper to 4.75 x 6.25" (or smaller for a larger border)
  • Center and glue to front of card blank, allow to dry.
  • Attach the card making template to the front of the remaining orange paper...
    Start folding according to the numbered folds and the dotted lines on the card making template...
    To make a pouch, reposition the bottom of the accordion flaps inside the pocket and glue down...
    Pull each end of the ribbons through the two holes on the pouch until they are even...
    After enclosing the sendable item(s), pull all ends of the ribbon through the single hole in the flap...
    To make a pouch start by removing the 2 1/2" pocket from printed template
  • Paper clip or tape the 4" pocket template to the front of remaining orange paper
  • Cut around the solid edges of the pocket template
  • Punch each of the three 1/8" holes where indicated by template
  • Turn cut out over so it's face down (the color or pattern you want showing will be face down against the table) and with the single hole on the top
  • Place the template on top of cut out so you can still see the dotted lines
  • Fold top 1" down as indicated by dotted line on template, it's also marked "fold 1"
    Tip: When folding it can help to line up a flat ruler against the dotted line, pressing firmly down on the ruler, fold the paper over, now remove ruler and smooth fold completely
  • Fold bottom up as indicated by "fold 2"
  • Fold flaps in against back as indicated by "fold 3"
  • Turn pouch over and fold flaps out accordion-style where indicated by "fold 4"
  • If you have an eyelet, set it now in the single hole of the top flap
  • Reposition flaps inside pocket and glue down to make a pouch as shown upper right
  • Now, pull each end of the ribbon all the way up through the two holes under the flap in even amounts as shown to right
  • Glue pouch to the front of card, it's great to use glue dots, double sided tape or a glue runner for this part - if using glue stick, allow to dry
    Tip: If card becomes bowed, place a heavy book on top for a little while or preferably overnight
  • Insert a small sendable gift
  • Gather ends of ribbon and pull them all through the single hole in the flap - it helps to trim ends at a sharp angle first and squeeze them all together snugly
  • Tie ends in a bow skipping the knot so the recipient of this pouch card can simply pull the ends of the ribbon to release the bow completely
  • Now that you're done with the card, write or stamp your message inside and mail it off!
    Note: This card may need a larger than usual envelope, such as a 6 x 9" bubble mailer, to support the bow and sendable gift

FYI - The pouch card making template provided has an additional 2 1/2" pouch for you to work with as well (if you choose to). Enjoy!

Customize Your Pouch Card...

Alternate color scheme for make a pouch card making project...The pouch card to the right has a cute and crazy "I love my family" theme!

Make your pouch card with your own custom layout, color, patterns, ribbon and so on!

Share your photos here!

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