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Can I send in my own homemade gift ideas and experiences? Absolutely, I'd be honored to have your ideas on my site! What's a craft site without a variety of perspectives and styles? If you would like to have your idea or photo published on this site, please submit your idea, photos and/or homemade gift story here. These forms are very easy, just type and submit.

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I appreciate your information, how can I help? The best way to help me continue to provide the best possible homemade gift information and high quality tutorials is to visit often and share my pages with your friends. If you like a certain page, use my bookmarking and sharing buttons (placed on every page) to print, email and post links to your favorite ideas on facebook, pinterest and other social sites.

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Do you exchange links? Yes, we are in the process of creating links to other web sites that will benefit our readers. If you would like to exchange links with us, please say so in the "Contact Us " form. Be sure to include your web address so we can visit your site.

Where can I find legal information for this site, such as your privacy statement? On the top navigation bar, you can find "Site Info" including privacy, terms, contact, site map and more. There is also an affiliate disclaimer at the bottom of any pages that may contain affiliate links on this website.

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