Make Groovy Gifts with These Tie Dye Patterns & Techniques

Tie Dye is a Perfect Unique Homemade Gift Idea...

Create fun tie dye patterns for unique homemade gift ideas!

Learn how to create the best tie dye patterns for homemade gifts, what kind of things you can tie dye to make the most unique homemade gifts and how to make your tie dye super vibrant and colorful.

The following step-by-step tutorials will be useful to those looking for a unique homemade gift idea and also to those just wanting to learn how to tie dye.

Tie dye patterns have a lot more possibility than some might think... In addition to the classic spiral tie dye t shirt pattern, there are many other easy tie dye patterns (both simple and more intricate in style) to suit a variety of taste.

Nearly anyone can be matched with a perfect tie dye gift, especially when you consider:

  • the huge variety of both simple and unique clothes and gear that can be tie dyed...
  • and the various tie dye techniques, both subtle and wildly vibrant for different personalities...
  • the different color combinations and amazing colors to choose from...

Speaking of colors, there are in fact a huge variety of wonderful colors available for you these days (learn more about tie dye supplies), whether you favor the traditional rainbow selection, or more modern combos, for example...

  • cobalt blue, turquoise, and deep purple or
  • magenta with bubble gum pink

Figuring out What to Tie Dye is Half the Fun...

These tie dye boxers are one of many unique homemade gift ideas using my tie dye instructions.

No matter who your gift is for, there is always something to tie dye: baby blanket or onesies, t shirts, scarves, socks, underwear, tote bags, bandanas, tank tops, pajama sets, pillow cases, or even fabric for a sewing project...

And for your crafty friends or for a unique homemade teen gift, you can make a tie dye kit, enclosing everything they need to make their own one-of-a-kind tie dye item (put something unique in there like white long johns, a pillow case or even underwear) so they can express themselves too!

A Few Tie Dye Ideas...

  • Teen Guys or Boyfriend Gift Ideas: Tie dye t-shirt, tie dye boxer shorts, tie dye pillow case, tie dye bandana
  • Teen Girl or Girlfriend Gift Ideas: Tie dye bandana, tie dye tote bag, tie dye socks, trendy tie dye shirts and tanks, tie dye pillow case, tie dye scarf or wrap, tie dye boxer shorts (for pjs) or tie dye pajamas
  • Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Tie dye onesie, tie dye baby blanket, tie dye baby bib
  • Husband Gift or Gift for Man Ideas: Tie dye t-shirt, tie dye baseball cap, tie dye tie
  • Wife Gift or Gift for Woman Ideas: Tie dye scarf, tie dye tote bag, tie dye shirt or tank, tie dye socks, tie dye pjs
  • Homemade Gift Ideas for Kids: Tie dye t-shirts, tie dye tank tops, tie dye socks, tie dye tote bag full of tie dye clothes, tie dye pillow case, tie dye smock

Wow, now aren't you excited? Have you got some ideas about what exciting stuff you could tie dye for your special someone(s)? Following you will find everything you need to know to create some fantastic tie dye patterns and projects... and of course, some homemade gifts to be proud of!

Tie Dye Instructions:

  • Start Here. These tie dye instructions will tell you everything you need to know to tie dye, plus give you the tips you need for ultimate success in your tie dye adventures. In addition, you can find individual tie dye tutorials below for a few favorite tie dye pattern ideas...

Tie Dye Patterns and Techniques...

Spiral Tie Dye T Shirts...

Probably the most well known tie dye pattern is the spiral tie dye t shirt.

In Western culture, this look exploded in popularity in the late 60's and continues to be enjoyed to this day.

You can go with a vibrant rainbow color palette or do something a little less 60's by using just 2 or 3 complimentary colors.

Circle Tie Dye Technique...

The circle tie dye technique is exciting like the spiral, however it's also much easier, more dependable and more predictable.

It's great for beginners and due to the ease and predictability, it's an excellent choice for homemade gifts.

Use the circle tie dye technique for anything from tie dye shirts to tie dye socks.

This next tie dye technique uses marbles to create a very special circular effect... it reminds me of little explosions of color!

Marble Tie Dye Techniques...

Here's a super fun tie dye technique that uses marbles.

This unique tie dye technique can be used for simple and classy circles or fantastically wild explosions of color.

I love using this technique on pillow cases, boxer shorts, socks and scarves!

Pleated Tie Dye Tee Shirts, Totes and More...

Tie dying with pleats or rolls is another very easy tie dye technique.

This pleated binding technique is especially great for thick fabrics and large fabrics. It is also more uniform and less 60's than the spiral and makes great tie dye tee shirts for guy gifts.

In fact, the t-shirt shown was for my husband and he wore it to shreds. I have requests to make another for him using this technique.

That's it for now on tie dye!

Share Your Project!

...Please be sure to share your tie dye projects and gifts here for others to get inspiration from... it's fun to share and I'd be honored to show off your pics!

You may also like to print out some of these free printable tags I made JUST for homemade gifts!

...Choose from:

  • Made by _____
  • Made with Love
  • and more

Still feeling crafty? Check out these sun sign key chain charms here for another unique homemade gift idea...  

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