Interested in Creating Homemade Gifts?

On a budget? Hoping for less stress during the holidays? Wanting more meaningful traditions for yourself and your family?

Learn how to create easy, fun and inspired homemade gifts!

Whatever your motivation is to create homemade gifts... welcome. This website is devoted entirely to homemade gift ideas!

The purpose of this site is inspiration... Inspiration to create, to give and to enjoy the little moments of life that come with food, friends, family, fun and creativity.

Whether you're the do it yourself (DIY) type, you're on a tight budget, or you're just looking for unique gift ideas... this site will be a fun and helpful resource and I hope an inspiring place to browse!

Wondering Where to Get Started?

Here's some homemade gift ideas you can put together now, for year round giving. Pssst... they actually get better with age!

And for upcoming holidays...

Need a fun last minute gift idea?

Check out this collection of free ideas for DIY gift certificates PLUS free printable gift certificates and homemade coupons!

Get lots of inexpensive and even free homemade gift ideas such as these free printable gift certificates you can make at home.

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A Few Upcoming Dates and Occasions...

Creating gifts is an excellent creative outlet and a perfect way to share some of your light with the world. If you need an excuse to create gifts, look below!

These are just a few upcoming holidays... You'll find even more fun, meaningful and often bizarre holidays for each month on my calendar holiday list...

  • August 3 is National Watermelon Day
  • August 3 is International Beer Day
  • August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • August 5 is Sister's Day
  • August 5 is Friendship Day
  • August 5 is International Forgiveness Day
  • August 10 is National S'mores Day
  • August 12 is Middle Child's Day
  • August 13 is Left Hander's Day
  • August 15 is Relaxation Day
  • August 17 is National Thriftshop Day
  • August 19 is National Aviation Day
  • August 20 is National Radio Day
  • August 21 is Senior Citizen's Day
  • August 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day
  • August 26 is Women's Equality Day
  • August 26 is National Dog Day
  • August 30 is Marshmallow Toasting Day

August is also Family Fun Month, National Peach Month and National Golf Month... who knew???

Get Creative for Summer Birthdays, Weddings and Hostess Gifts...