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Origami Box Gift Tower

Origami Box - Main Photo

Create a fun homemade gift tower using an origami box in four different sizes. Make this gift perfect by using the perfect paper and filling it with the best treats

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Thanksgiving Printables and Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Printables - Main Photo

Thanksgiving printables and homemade gift ideas for fun and thankfulness!

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How to Make Vanilla Extract in Individual Bottles

How to Make Vanilla Extract - Main Photo

Wanting to learn how to make vanilla extract for homemade gifts? Short on time? There is no wrong time to make vanilla! This homemade vanilla extract idea is quick and super easy...

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St. Patrick's Day Printables

St Patricks Day Printables - Shamrocks Preview

Want to spread a little leprechaun love this St. Patrick's Day? Grab up these free St. Patrick's Day printables, including lots of easy to punch four leaf clover tags, 4 lovely shamrock gift tags and several treasure at the end of the rainbow printables!

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Snack Food Bouquets

Food Bouquets - Main Photo vertical

Hold the baskets, keep the snacks! Here’s how to make sweet and salty snack food bouquets for easy, yummy and impressive Father’s Day gifts, graduation gifts, baby shower gifts for mom and more...

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Magical Fizzy Bath Salts

Fizzy Bath Salts - Main Photo

If you know someone big or small who loves mythical creatures like fairies, mermaids, dragons or unicorns, these magical fizzy bath salts may just be the next homemade gift idea to add to your plans!

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Coffee Almond Caramel Popcorn Recipe

Caramel_Popcorn_Recipe - Pinterest Pic 1

Treat your coffee loving friends and co-workers to the most delicious caramel latte popcorn! This caramel popcorn recipe makes a great homemade gift or add it to a coffee themed gift basket.

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Halloween Printables

Halloween Printables - pic of gift tag "have a tasty Halloween"

Add the perfect touch to your homemade Halloween treats with these fun Halloween printables! Find gift tags to pair with cute Halloween candy ideas and gift ideas for friends, classmates and more...

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Halloween Candy Ideas - For Homemade Gifts

Halloween Candy Ideas - Main Photo of candy jar gifts with gift tags

These Halloween candy ideas make great homemade teacher gifts and gifts for friends as well as fun Halloween party favors and more. Free Halloween printables included...

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Halloween Sock Spider - A Creepy Crawly Cutie!

Halloween Sock Spider - Main Photo

Make an adorable no-sew Halloween Sock Spider. Dress it up anyway you like for a funny homemade gift idea. Give it to your favorite spider-phobic friend for a shared laugh!

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