Decorative Wedding Gift Jar

by Jesika
(Oregon, USA)

The picture here is of a cherished homemade wedding gift, actually received by my husband and I, made by my sister in law.

The idea she used was to pick a theme from our wedding (our honeymoon) and use it to make a decorative gift in a jar. Since my husband and I went to Kauai for our honeymoon, my sister in law chose to create a tropical beach scene, complete with Hawaiian sand, beach glass and sea shells.

Interestingly, the sand made a great base because the larger objects stay on top (even when the jar is shook) due to density I suppose. The beach scene gift jar turned out magical since you can shake and shake and the memorabilia will remain on top of the sand no matter what!

After creating the scene, my sister in law glued the lid shut to prevent an accidental spill. She then printed and glued down a pretty label with our names and wedding date to the surface of the lid and used pearlescent puff paint to outline the label with a decorative wavey line.

It's been several years since our special day and we still have it on our book shelf next to our wedding photos to look at whenever we choose. I can say that this is the kind of meaningful gift that we will cherish for a life time.

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