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A free reminder service can help you plan the perfect homemade gifts. And planning ahead saves money. Trust me!

I've learned from experience that...

  • last minute craft supplies are hardly ever on sale
  • it's the most convenient store nearby (the one you use for last minute ingredients) that ends up costing twice as much as you'd normally pay... or more
  • and it's certainly the stress of things not working out right that will drive a person to spend whatever it takes to have a presentable gift for the occasion at hand

We've all done this so many times! So many many times... And it is never fun!

Here's a couple options you might like to have on hand to help you remember birthdays and special occasion in advance. They can also be used to organize our life...

    A free program with free reminders to your email box and your cell phone.
    A weird name but another great free reminder service that delivers free reminders to your email box and your cell phone.

Note... A lot of the other reminder services I've seen are intended to help you send e-cards. This means they only remind you of an upcoming birthday or holiday 1 day in advance, which is not much time for homemade gifts.

I hope the above reminder services help make your homemade gift ideas easier and more fun!

You may also like to check out this holiday calendar list, for lots of upcoming holidays, including some silly and unique holidays to inspire fun homemade gift ideas all year long.

Are you new to homemade gifts? Wondering where to start?

If that's the case, check out this getting started guide for homemade gifts: Gift Making 101. You'll find lots of homemade gift ideas and tips to get you started plus...

...a few ideas about the why, when and who of gift making and a list of techniques and crafts that lend themselves well to homemade gifts.

After you make your own gifts, you can help to inspire others to make gifts by uploading a photo in the visitor gallery!

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