Garden of Love Flower Gift

by Bridget
(Simi Valley)

Example: Not my actual flowers

Example: Not my actual flowers

Okay, It's been a while since I've shared anything on here so I'm posting two similarly themed ideas that are usually gifts my kids (5 and 3) make - although I've stolen their glory a few times :)

My kids are learning how to grow plants from cuttings. They've really only done their own Geraniums, but these plants are awesome because they're one of the simplest plants to grow from a cutting, you can find them anywhere to start, and they're pretty.

They just cut off branches, stick them in dirt, keep them watered and voila! plants root and we have nice flowering plants. They get stuck in pretty little flower pots and given out as gifts to teachers, neighbors, coaches, Grandma, as thank you gifts, etc. Some of the extra-special flower gifts have been given in plain terra cotta pots decorated by the kids with hand-prints or using their thumb prints to make flower-petals, etc. Grandma likes to get these ones.

P.S. It's an added bonus to have my yard prettied up with flowers while my kids are doing the work!

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Fun Easy Inexpensive Flower Gift Idea
by: Jesika


Thanks for the great inexpensive homemade gift ideas and helpful tips!

btw... I've always loved separating my herbs into small pots for gift giving (especially since herbs tend to spread like crazy).

I'm super excited to try Geranium starts because (as you mentioned) I can think of so many situations and gift occasions that they would be perfect for... not to mention my 5 year old will love this project!


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