Gift Certificate Ideas

by Amy

My son told me for Christmas he wants coupons or gift certificates from my husband and I that give him a free day off doing his house work (like cleaning his room etc). He also told me that he would like a coupon that will let him play video games for a whole day... lol... it cracks me up since I never let him play for a whole day.

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by: Jennifer

Those are really good ideas for kid's coupons. My husband might like them too, LOL!

coupons for kids
by: Jesika

Those are good ideas Amy, I'm now asking myself "what would my daughter like" and thinking of things I could "give" her that wouldn't cost a thing.

No chores for a day
Mom cleans and organizes your room
Your choice of movie for movie night with favorite snacks
Family game night, you choose the games
Your favorite dinner night
Your favorite dessert night
Mom or Dad plays video games with you for one hour (at 5 years old, she'd like that)
Pick out one candy bar of your choice at the store

Wonderful Ideas
by: Lynda

What great ideas. Gives me a super headstart on coupons for the grandkids.

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