Gift Certificate ideas

by Beverly

My mom is in her 80's and goes to the beauty shop
every Friday. I enjoy giving her gift certificates
for me to take her to get her hair done.

You could give a gift certificate for a certain amount of trips to the beauty shop.

You could also give gift certificates to go get nails done.

You could find out how much it costs and put an amount down on the certificate.

I have also have given gift certificates for books of stamps. This is especially nice for older people, or people who can't get out much!

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Sounds like fun!
by: Jesika

Thanks Beverly for your gift certificate ideas! I can think of many scenarios where it would be a great idea to make gift certificates offering trips to get hair or nails done, grocery shopping trips, and more. I personally love clothes shopping buddies, whether it's my mom, my husband or a friend... I would welcome that homemade gift certificate idea.

The giver could choose whether it's just the trip and the company they are offering or if they want pick up the tab while they're out (like you said, offering to cover a specific amount if that works best).

Thanks again for your comments and I hope you and your mom continue to enjoy each other's company at the salon!


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by: Lynn and Glenn


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