Homemade Amaretto

by Jade Tobin
(Dayton, TN)

Hi girls! Well, when I found the Kahlua recipe on this site I was beyond excited! I’ve made it a ton and have given it as gifts to lots of very happy people! So it made me curious to find other things that I really enjoy but that I can do a bit cheaper than buying at the store.. that way I could use it whenever I wanted to, as opposed to only on ‘special occasions’! So I looked around and found recipes for Amaretto, which I love!
Most of them though were difficult and very time consuming and I am not patient enough for that!! ;) So I finally came across this one! It is sooooooooo easy and amazingly delicious!!! At the bottom of the recipe are a few extra personal notes…changes I’ve made or want to make next time.
I hope y’all like it! Let me know!

Homemade Amaretto Recipe

1 cup water
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups vodka
2 tbls almond extract *
2 tsp vanilla extract *

Combine water and sugars in medium saucepan over medium heat.
Heat until the mixture is boiling, & all sugar is dissolved.
Remove pan from heat & let mixture cool for 10 minutes.
Then stir in vodka, almond & vanilla extracts.
Store in a sealed bottle. Like the Homemade Kahlua on this site it just gets better with age!! I added a vanilla bean also because I adore vanilla. I also used homemade vanilla extract! Delicious!

*1st time making it .. followed recipe ..
RESULTS - I would probably use a lil bit less almond next time (the extract can be a lil overpowering), maybe just 1 tbls or 1&1/2 ... I also used probably a tsp more vanilla.
I also added a lil extra of each sugar .. add a lil more next time.

Comments for Homemade Amaretto

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Do not add more sugar
by: Vicki

I have made this several times and would not add more sugar. The amount of almond I find is perfect. Definitely agree with the note of following the recipe the first time around. You will find your own particular trend after that. This is well worth making and tweaking to your hearts content.

shelf life
by: Anonymous

I made homemade kahula before put on a shelf nd forgot about it :(. Discovered a bottle tasted it nd it was the kahula i made 10 yep 10 years ago so it has a long shelf life if stored properly :)

Shelf life
by: Jade

Hi! To be honest I don't have a specific date for you, I'm sorry. We go through it quite fast, but I have saved some by hiding it and have had it over a year with no issues. I think since there's so much sugar, plus all the alcohol you're pretty safe for a good while. Hope that helps :)

by: Anonymous

Could you tell me the shelf life??

by: Jade

Thanks jesika! I hope you like it!! It's so fun making it and like you said...a perfect excuse for my vanilla & bottle obsession! Makes me giddy just thinking about it! WooooooHoooooo!
Thanks again for the great site to be able to share this with such awesome people! ;)

Homemade Amaretto
by: Jesika

Yay, another excuse to use fresh sticky vanilla beans and beautiful saved bottles!!

Thanks for sharing Jade, lots of people will enjoy this :P

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