Homemade Kahlua!

by Jade
(Tennessee )

Here's some of the lil gifts I made so far for a couple friends that loved it when I brought some to our superbowl party for tasting (it was gone before everyone even got there! I'm goin' to make a 4th batch probably tomorrow!)! I used cleaned vinegar bottles with new corks. I put the date I made this batch on the back of the label. I sent them a card along with it with ideas for use and storage and stuff!

Here's some of the lil gifts I made so far for a couple friends that loved it when I brought some to our superbowl party for tasting (it was gone before everyone even got there! I'm goin' to make a 4th batch probably tomorrow!)! I used cleaned vinegar bottles with new corks. I put the date I made this batch on the back of the label. I sent them a card along with it with ideas for use and storage and stuff!

I made the Kahlua and I'm now thinkin' and dreaming about Kahlua all the time!!! Hahahaha!

I added a lil extra vanilla & vodka! It was absolutely delicious right away ... I can only imagine how amazing it will be after sitting for a while! Although I'm pretty sure it won't last that long! Looks like I'll just have to make more!

I didn't realize how much it would make and since I used almost all the vodka I had left I poured the Kahlua back into the vodka bottle .. also because it's dark blue glass.

I will be making this over and over and will get some pretty bottles so I can give it as gifts to everyone!

I can't thank you enough for this recipe! Now I can actually afford to use Kahlua as much as I want!!! Wooohoooo!

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by: Jesika

@ Jase,

The quantity of Kahlua the recipe makes will vary, depending on how rapidly you reduce the syrup. I can say it has been yummy every time I've made it and you should get at least 5 cups of Kahlua... you may get more. Hope you enjoy!

how much does this make
by: jase

how much does this make

by: Anonymousalbertagal

Almost ready to make my second batch just wondering if you ar anyone else has ever used Espresso coffee granules to make this.
Think this time I will add another 1/2 cup or so of vodka! It is sooo good! Love it with milk and ice. Makes a great Brown Cow!

hi nancy
by: jade

Hi! Well honestly I used a somewhat generic brand of instant coffee granules from Walmart every time and if you let it cook down it is beyond amazing!
The only place I see her saying anything like that is in her notes and I thinks she's more saying that in every day life she wouldn't use instant coffee granules for much...but used this way they work beautifully!
Hope that helps some ;) This stuff is amazingly delicious! Have fun! :)

Kahula question
by: Nancy

Hi: I am just a little bit confused. Your recipe calls for instant coffee granuales. But in your directions you mention that you don't use instant coffee granuales. Could you tell me what you do use if you don't use the instant coffee granuales? I am so desparate to make this but don't want to buy the wrong ingredients. Thanks.

hi alberta girl
by: jade

Isn't this stuff delicious!!!! I just love it! And so many yummy things to use it in! You're absolutely right, it is sooooooo hard to make it last long enough to really age...so what I did was make several batches ... then I could sneak some and give some away (telling them to try and hold out for a bit...though it never works) and then I'd stash a bottle in the very back of my cabinet and try and leave it alone ... not easy ... but when I tasted it after a few months...wow...I was blown away by how silky it was and the flavors fully melded together ... oh my it was beyond what I had hoped for! So now I'm sure to always have some in storage! I just rotate my stock! Aahahaha! ;)

Homemade Kahlua
by: Alberta Gal

Just made this to-day and it tastes great! Used a vanilla bean as suggested and I am sure after it sits for awhile it will be even better. Not sure I can resist it for a couple of months though.


by: jade

Hi Suzie,
When I make it I reuse my old skyy vodka bottle, 1.75, and it fills it approximately 3/4 of the way pretty easily ... it will depend on how much yours cooks down...one time I had the flames really low so it didn't boil out as much ... just last week I boiled it down pretty significantly ... I've also added more vodka some of the times....but it's a decent amount! But it will be gone much faster than you think!! It's beyond delicious! Hope that helps some...seems like I measured it once and the syrup, cooked, was about 4 cups (again depending on how cooked down it is) and then add the vodka to that....it's just so good it's ridiculous! I've made a ton of this and amaretto and it goes fast ... especially as gifts!! Have fun!!

How much does this make
by: Suzie

Can anyone tell me how much this recipe makes, bottle wise or amount of liquid?

Amaretto recipe
by: jade

hi again!
well, I added the recipe...hopefully I did it right! :/ hahahaha! had a bit of trouble with the picture...sent it to you Jesika!
Hope you guys like it! Let me know!
Hope y'all are doin' well!!
Have fun!

by: Jesika

How about starting a homemade Amaretto page here:
Homemade Gift Ideas and Suggestions

by: jade

Hi girls! It's a SUPER easy recipe and sooooooo delicious! Should I just out it here in the comments? Let me know ... I'd be happy to share!!

by: Jesika

Hi Jade! I second that request, Amaretto is also soooo good in coffee!!! :)

by: Bridget

Oh, do share the amaretto recipe! I love that stuff even more than kahlua, and of course is a key ingredient in homemade biscotti.

by: jade

Hi Bridget!
I collect bottles too! My family teases me like crazy! It's so funny!
I'll for sure take a look at Trader Joes!
Yup...it's not easy stuff to keep around! It's delicious and everyone loves it! I have a bunch of random bottles filled with it and some amazing homemade amaretto! To die for!!
You'll be so glad you made it...and so will your friends! ;)
Have fun!

super bottles
by: Bridget

I love all of the enthusiasm with the Kahlua! I haven't made it yet but have been stocking up on bottles so that I could make enough to drink, share and age (although you ladies make that part sound harder than I thought it would be).

I just wanted to share that Trader Joes has a ton of unique bottles and the prettiest fanciest ones I've been saving are from the Moscato that I drink (guilty grin), only around $6, so it's always totally worth the buy. You know, in case you need to get a little tipsy before you make more alcohol :)

Keep sharing ladies, this is always such a cool site!

thanks elizabeth!
by: jade

Thanks so much! That's so sweet! I totally agree about it being difficult to keep around! I keep telling myself and my friends "it'll taste even yummier after it sits for a while!" but none of us can wait that long!! Hehehehe! It's just too delicious! I keep telling my husband & son "see, I NEED to make a LOT more...that way we can have some for now and for gifts while still putting some in the back of the cupboard to let it age!?" Good excuse as any I say...although it never lasts long enough! I need to have them hide some...then I'll have a delicious surprise when I find it later! Hahahaha!
Everyone is on the lookout for bottles for me now! When I buy anything my husband knows I'm thinkin' "this could be a pretty Kahlua bottle!" ;)
Thanks again & have fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes & how yummy it was! ;)

Homemade Kahlua
by: Elizabeth

Beautiful photos of your homemade Kahlua all gift packaged in jars. I love the tall bottles that you used--so elegant!

Your post inspired me to begin making my planned Kahlua gifts right away. The only problem with homemade Kahlua is trying, trying, trying to not drink it all before I gift it to whomever it's for . . . oops . . . no gift left again . . . maybe next time, my friends had better just come over and join me if they want some! ~lol~
Take care,

...homemade Kahlua pics
by: Jesika

Thanks Jade for sending more photos, the gifts all turned out super cute!!! I love finding beautiful bottles for my homemade liqueurs... I'll have to keep my eyes open for those lovely flip top lid bottles with the lemonade!

by: jade

Thanks for the recipe Jesika! My hubby thanks you too! I just think it's so cool to be able to make this so cheap and easy!! I was just so proud and excited ... he was laughing because I was doin' lil touchdown dances all over the place! Kahlua is, to me anyway, one of those things that are so delicious but so expensive and not necessary so you do without ... but now it's so affordable & lasts such a long time that I can have it around to sip or make yummy Kahlua shakes whenever I want!!

Plus it's an awesome gift that feels extravagant, especially homemade, but is now affordable enough to actually do it!

I can't thank you enough! So fun!!

Homemade Kahlua!
by: Jesika

Hi Jade,

Your enthusiasm has totally made my day! Thanks!!! I think I'm going to go have some homemade Kahlua, cheers!... :)


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