Caroling Sock Snowmen

by Emily
(De Soto, MO)

My son and I made these tube sock snowmen as gifts for family. Then it changed to him wanting to have a snowfamily that represented us---we are the ones in front with colored sock caps.

Once we got some done, we set them up for a picture in front of the tree. The more pics we took, the more we adjusted, and this is our final outcome---our Snowfamily singing to baby Jesus.


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I LOVE it!
by: Jesika

Thank you for sharing your photo Emily!

There are a lot of cute little details on your sock snowman family. I especially love the colored sock hats and the freckles too.

I love that you and your son created a wonderful Christmas scene, with your tube-sock snowfamily singing to baby Jesus... thank you for photographing and sharing it with us!

Reader Tip... Learn how to make one of these adorable sock snowmen here!

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