Birthday Coloring Page

Theme: "It's a Party"

Having a party? This birthday coloring page is fun for boys and girls alike. In fact, it can be used for any celebration! The page simply reads, "It's a Party."

You are more than welcome to add this coloring sheet to your party gift bags or pass them out for a simple birthday party activity.

To turn this free printable coloring book page into a fun kids craft I recommend printing these sheets on heavy paper such as card stock. Then put out glue and glitter, buttons, beads, sequins and other craft supplies for kids to decorate the gift box however they like.

To Print: Simply right-click on the image and choose Print Picture... This is an 8 1/2 x 11 inch image with margins, so you can print it on standard typing paper with excellent results (as are all my exclusive coloring pages).

Note: Please feel free to link to this page and to share with friends and family. Never re-post my printables as they are copyrighted material.

Birthday Coloring Page:

There are a ton of fun ways to use this free printable birthday coloring page for party ideas and kids crafts.

Thank you for using my free printables!

I've got lots more free printable craft tags and coloring pages... so be sure to check them out next!

Free templates and tutorial for making a birthday countdown calendar for your kiddo!

A Very Memorable Homemade Birthday Gift:

With a little planning, you could add some extra special excitement and anticipation to your child's birthday, by creating a Birthday Countdown Calendar...

I've done this a couple times for my kids and it was a lot of fun!

See my latest birthday countdown gift here, featuring a small gift for each day of the  birthday countdown!

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