Free Printable Gift Tags: All Occasion

These Decorative Tags are Perfect for Homemade Thank You Gifts, Friendship Gifts and More...

When creating homemade gifts, it's super fun and handy to have free printable gift tags ready to print at a moments notice.

That's what I had in mind, when I created several collections of printable gift tags, for us all to use and share.

This particular collection of free printable gift tags is great when added to a variety of homemade gifts, especially homemade thank you gifts, friendship gifts, food gifts and birthday gifts.

My favorite is the "You're Sweet" cherry themed tag. I made it originally to decorate a homemade cherry pie for a friend. You can also use this tag to decorate homemade gifts for anyone who is sweet as cherry pie.

Ready to get started?

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In other words...

  • You may print these digital images for personal and gift giving use only.
  • I'd love for you to link to my pages, but please do not copy my images onto a website or social media.

About these Free Printable Gift Tags...

The following printable gift tags can be copied into a word processing program so that you can print as many per page as you can fit. They can also be re-sized.

Here's a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of these free printable gift tags.

Printing Tips and Tricks:

To Print One Tag. To print just one of these images, simply right click on the image you want to print and choose [print picture] or you may need save the image and then print.

To Print a Page of Tags. You can also print several tags on just one page. Whether you choose all the same template or a variety of different templates is your choice. To print a full page:

  • Open a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office (Open Office is Free but any word processing program should work).
  • Right click on the image you want and choose [copy].
  • Move to word processing program, right click and choose [paste].
  • Paste multiple times using the same copied image or go back and copy/paste whichever images you want on your page.
  • Print your page!

To Change the Size of a Tag. If you need a different sized tag, feel free to resize by first clicking on the image while it's in your word processing program. You'll see little squares on the corners. Drag one in or out to make the tag smaller or larger.

What to Print On. For best results, be sure to print on heavy paper such as card stock. Also, the higher the brightness factor on your paper, the sharper and brighter the image will look. I love this presentation paper!

After Printing. Cut around the tag and use it as is, or embellish it using eyelets, glitter or beads.

You can also mat these gift tags onto a slightly larger piece of card stock.

Punch a hole in the top and attach gift tags with ribbon or raffia onto homemade birthday gifts, flower bouquets, gift bags, homemade gift baskets or party bags... or use in craft projects as embellishments (ex. scrap booking or card making).

"You're Sweet" Cherry Themed Gift Tag

Use for friendship gifts, just because gifts and food gifts... especially cherry flavored gifts!

Purple and Pink Flower Pattern Gift Tag

This checkered purple all occasion gift tag features a bit of pink, plus translucent flowers and a trendy worn look. It also has a lightened strip across the middle for better lettering options if you want to write on it.

Pink and Yellow Flower Pattern Gift Tag

This checkered pink all occasion gift tag features a bit of yellow, plus translucent flowers and a trendy worn look.

That's it for these free gift tags but you can find lots more printable gift tags here! Enjoy.

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