Gift Tag Templates

Template Styles: Various Playful Shapes

Free printable gift tag templates in various playful shapes!

These playful gift tag templates are perfect for birthday gifts, baby shower gifts, graduation gifts and kids gifts anytime of year.

To make your finished gift tags look super fabulous, cut them from heavy paper or card stock.

You can also give them a beautiful finish by attaching each tag to a backing cut slightly larger than the tag.

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Simply print and cut or make your own stencils...

Mix and match these free printable gift tag templates for unique looks!

These printable templates are super fun and easy to use. Here's a couple tips...

  • Print and Cut. You can simply print each template onto the paper you want to use for your gift tag and then cut around the outline. Simple!
  • Make Stencils. If you want to make these tags into reusable templates, trace each tag onto paperboard or card board (such as the inside of a cereal box) and cut them out. Then they can be used over and over to trace the desired gift tag outlines onto any paper you choose.

Gift Tag Template Printing Instructions:

To print just one of these template images, simply right click on the image you want to print and choose [print picture].

You can also print several templates per page. Whether you choose all the same template or a variety of different templates is your choice. To print a full page:

  • Open a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office (Open Office is Free but any word processing program should work).
  • Right click on the template you want and choose [copy].
  • Move to word processing program, right click and choose [paste].
  • Paste multiple times using the same copied template or go back and copy/paste whichever templates you want on your page.
  • Print your page!

You can also change the size of the templates: If you need a different sized tag, feel free to resize by first clicking on the image while it's in your word processing program. You'll see little squares on the corners. Drag one in or out to make the tag smaller or larger. There will also be small squares on the top and bottom centers and side centers which can be used to change just the tag's height or width.

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