Make Your Own Cards for Weddings and Anniversaries

Unique Greeting Card Ideas for Classy Handmade Wedding Cards and Anniversary Cards

When you make your own cards for special occasions, they'll be totally unique and made with love.

Using beads and charms is a great way to create unique greeting cards that are elegant enough, even for fancy weddings and special anniversaries.

The next time you're lost for a very special card making idea, try looking through your charms and bead supplies, or browse through a bead supply store for inspiration.

I love the inexpensive charms I used here. They are incredibly elegant and perfect for this project!

However, if you want to create a beaded charm card without hunting down laser lace charms, you certainly can. In fact, this other beaded charm card tutorial does just that.

Use the following greeting card ideas and examples to make your own cards, perfect for any special occasion.

Feel free to take this basic idea and refresh it by using your own paper, beads and other supplies to build and create unique greeting cards with your own creative twists.

Let's get started!

How to Make Your Own Cards with Laser Lace Charms...

These laser lace charms were pennies a piece and so flat, I felt they were begging to be used in paper crafting. They come from Fire Mountain Gems, here's a link to some laser lace charms in case you want to shop for some.

To Make Your Own Card (as Shown) You'll Need:

  • 5" x 7" card blank
  • brown card stock (or whatever color you want)
  • cream colored textured card stock (or other color)
  • embroidery thread
  • laser lace
  • beads

Also: paper glue, sewing needle (for beading), masking tape, scissors, decorative scissors


  • Start with or make a 5 x 7" card blank
  • Cut brown card stock to 5 x 7"
  • Cut cream colored textured card stock to 4.5 x 6.5"
  • Mount a decorative strip diagonal on the top of cream colored card stock (you can use decorative scissors to make one).
  • Cut and mount a heart (with a mat if desired) on top of diagonal strip.
  • Punch a hole in the top of the heart and pull through a piece of string (I used embroidery thread pulled apart to 2 threads), looping it on the laser lace heart and pulling it back through. Secure string on back with tape or glue.
  • Tie three pieces of string, one to each ring on the bottom of the laser lace heart.
  • String beads (tying each one in place) as desired along string and secure ends to back with masking tape.
  • Center and glue the embellished cream colored card stock to the brown card stock. Glue thoroughly.
  • Now glue embellished cream colored card stock to the front of the card blank.
  • Done!

To Make Your Own Card (as shown) You'll Need:

Here's another version, there's many ways to make your own cards with laser lace charms. It's the same basic idea as the top card but with a different charm, color scheme and a few small changes. Getting ideas???

  • 5" x 7" card blank
  • gold card stock
  • purple card stock
  • lavender card stock
  • purple embroidery thread
  • purple craft cord
  • laser lace
  • matching beads

Also: paper glue, sewing needle (for beading), masking tape, scissors


  • Start with or make a 5 x 7" card blank
  • Cut gold card stock to 5 x 7" and glue to the front of card blank
  • Set aside to dry (in some cases, drying under a book will help it stay flat)
  • Cut purple card stock to 4 3/4 x 6 3/4".
  • Cut three squares in varying sizes of card stock alternating between colors as seen above. Turn them diagonal and punch a 1/8" hole.
  • Pull cord through, loop around laser lace heart charm, pull cord ends up and over to back, securing ends to back of purple card stock.
  • Loop a length of purple string through each ring at the bottom of the laser lace heart.
  • String beads (tying each one in place) as desired along thread so that they will each be visible when tied back. Here I used 3 different types/sizes of coordinating beads.
  • Secure each piece of string to the back of the card stock, pulling it snug. It's easy to use tape to secure the ends (later you'll be covering the entire back in glue).
  • Add two strips of lavender paper diagonal on the top, fold and tape or glue to back.
  • Center and glue the fully embellished purple card stock to the gold card stock on the front of the card. Glue thoroughly.
  • Done!

Notes... For the string I used embroidery thread, separated into 2 threads. Embroidery thread is a handy craft supply, even for paper crafts. Laser Lace Charms and beads from Fire Mountain Gems. Card stocks from WorldWin.

That's it for now. I hope you use these card making ideas to make some really fun and special greeting cards for the special occasions in your life.

Handmade cards go great with homemade gifts... share your photos in the HMGG gallery...

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