No-Sew Fleece Pillow Covers

No-Sew Fleece Pillow Covers Make Super Fun and Surprisingly Easy Homemade Gifts

No-sew fleece pillow covers make fabulous homemade gifts and these step-by-step instructions make it so easy!

No-sew fleece pillow covers are so unbelievably easy... if you've never made one, just wait till you see for yourself!

I have to say, I thoroughly impressed my daughter and friends by turning the fun fabric she picked out into this cute 18" by 18" pillow in about 30 minutes.

The next thing I knew I was getting begged by kids, "Make me one, make me one!" ...and then I was begged by the husband, "Ooooh, can you make some for the couch?"

Anyway, this is one particular fabric project I highly recommend, especially for a great homemade birthday gift idea or for a few fun homemade Christmas gift ideas.

Bonus Idea: Make a no-sew fleece pillow cover kit!... For a cute spin on this gift, you can prepare the fleece with all the cuts and give it to a child, pre-teen or teen as a no sew fleece pillow case kit. Then, all they have to do is the tying and it's ready to fill with the pillow form or stuffing you choose.

No Sew Fleece Pillow Tutorial...

This no-sew fleece pillow case tutorial is one of my favorite fleece projects. Unlike fleece blankets, you don't need a ton of material to whip one up... and this one took me less than 30 minutes!

These no sew fleece pillow covers can fit over a preformed pillow base (as I did here) or stuffed with fiberfill. They are incredibly easy and satisfying to make. With practice you can make a no sew fleece pillow like this one in around 30 minutes... maybe even less!

There are other shapes you can use besides a square. For example, it's fairly easy to make a heart pillow, a circular pillow or simply a rectangular pillow. As long as you can cut two identical pieces of fleece and make two inch snips every half an inch or so all around the edges, it's on baby!

Tools and Supplies...

You don't need much to make your own fleece pillow... just fleece, scissors, ruler and filling. Learn more here.

Not much is needed. Just...

    Sharp scissors (good for fabric)
    Preformed pillow base or fiberfill

Note: High quality fleece is far superior to cheap stuff. It is thicker, softer and lasts much longer. This is a no-pill variety I picked up from Michaels using a 40% coupon of course.

Helpful Tips for Cutting Your Fleece:

Here's a few helpful tips for your DIY no-sew easy fleece pillow project.
  • You can use a template (I had a piece of poster board that was just the right size, 22 inches, so I used that for my cuts). I'm a sucker for templates!
  • Masking tape is a handy way to mark where to cut your strips, you can make a dot every 1/2 inch, indicating the proper width to cut, so your strips stay even.
  • Or you can use temporary fabric pen/pencil or plain ol' chalk, which should wipe clean with damp cloth.

Now, here's the no-sew fleece pillow cover instructions...

Fleece is AWESOME! The edges won't fray like most fabric and your local craft store will likely have hundreds of fleece colors, patters and fantastic themes. Learn how to make a fleece pillow here.

1. Cut Two Identical Pieces of Fabric.

I cut my fabric to the size of my pillow plus 4 inches top and side.

My fabric is 22" x 22". My pillow will be 18" x 18".

This is because I chose to make my strips two inches long, which is a good length in my opinion.

Learn what size to cut your fleece pieces depending on the size pillow you want to make. Square is easiest but you can also make round, oval, heart or rectangle shaped pillows.

2. Remove Corners.

Cut a square out of each corner equal to the length of your strips.

For two inch strips cut 2" x 2" from each corner.

When making your own fleece pillow case, make your fringe cuts evenly spaced for best results.

3. Cut Strips.

Keeping your two pieces of fabric securely together, cut 2 inch strips all around the edges, approximately every 1/2 ".

4. Tie Strips.

Tie tie tie all the strips together... well, all the strips on three of the four sides, being careful not to accidentally skip any strips. That's right, keep them matched up for best results.

This DIY fleece pillow project makes a great no-sew Christmas craft gift idea... If you can tie knots, you've got this covered!
This easy fleece project tutorial will show you exactly how to make a no-sew fleece pillow cover. You will love choosing from the many colors, patterns and fleece themes!

How many knots should you tie?...

You can tie single knots or double knots. It's up to you...

Tying the edges of your fleece pillow case project rather than sewing them closed creates a really cute fringe along the outer edges of your homemade pillow.

Single knots are nice if you plan to wash your no-sew fleece pillow cover from time to time. This is because it's pretty easy to untie all the knots on one side and pull out the pillow or even the fiberfill if that's what you used. Then you can simply wash the pillow cover, return pillow and tie it back up.

Double knots are fine too particularly if you used fiberfill and you are concerned that it might loosen up and leak fluff. So... double knot if desired (I just double knot a couple on each corner).

5. Fill.

Insert pillow base or fiberfill.

After tying off three of the four sides, it's time to fill your adorable fleece pillow cover with a pillow base or with fiberfill.
Tying off the last side of your homemade fleece project is a great feeling... You are almost done!

6. Tie Some More.

Excitedly tie the strips along the last side of your no-sew fleece pillow cover and admire your finished fleece pillow.

Choose anything from a favorite sports team themed pattern to a favorite color! I love how personalized these homemade no-sew fleece pillows turn out.

I hope your homemade fleece pillow turns out to be as fun to give as mine was!

Here's a picture of my oldest daughter (just 6 years old) trying out her new fleece pillow.

It now comes with her to every sleepover and never misses a single night of cuddles.

Share your picture here!

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