How to Make a No-Sew Sock Bunny

DIY No-Sew Sock Bunnies Will Bring Hoppiness to Somebunny Special

This no-sew sock bunny craft tutorial makes it easy enough for anyone to spread some bunny craft loves.

Every time I make a sock bunny, I fall in love. They're just adorable... and this no-sew bunny craft tutorial makes it easy enough for anyone to spread some bunny craft loves.

Below you'll find instructions for making your own easy no-sew sock bunny.

I will also show you how to make floppy bunny feet and bunny arms that can be used to hold little Easter gifts like a flower, candy, or even a balloon.

Don't forget to download the coordinating "Somebunny Loves You" Easter printables linked to below.

When you're all done, you can put your homemade sock bunnies in Easter baskets and surround them with treats for a fun homemade gift idea.


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No-Sew Sock Bunny Step-by-Step Tutorial...

Sock bunnies make such cute additions to homemade Easter baskets!

This sock craft tutorial uses an adult size tube sock, but you can use pretty much any size or type of sock for this sock craft.

For example, I love making baby bunnies using baby socks. They're super cute and they fit inside most large plastic Easter eggs for a fun surprise.

In addition to tube socks, you can make these using colored socks, fuzzy socks and/or socks with patterns. Just like sock snowmen and sock spiders, no two sock bunnies will ever turn out exactly the same!


DIY sock bunnies are inexpensive to make. You may even have everything you need already for this easy sock craft.
  • 1 Adult Size Sock
  • About 2 cups Rice (possibly less, depending on the size of your sock)
  • 2 Rubber Bands (clear or white works best)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Fabric Glue
  • Measuring Cup
  • Wide Mouth Funnel
  • White Pom Pom (or yarn to make your own pom)
  • Scissors
  • Craft Foam (for arms and feet)
  • Decorative Craft Supplies: googly eyes, buttons, ribbon etc.
  • Optional: Click here to download the complimentary "Somebunny Loves You" Easter printables in easy .pdf format.
Download these free Easter printables to go along with this sock craft project.


1. Fill sock with around 2 cups of rice.

2. Wrap rubber band around the top of the sock so you have a ball.

Sock Bunny Tutorial: A canning funnel is very helpful for adding the rice.
Trim excess material.

3. If needed, shorten sock length until you have a more manageable length for creating ears. See right ==>

4. Cut that length in half vertically to create two strips coming off the ball.

5. Take each strip and trim off the corners creating a leaf like shape for each ear.

6. Grip the ball where you think the neck should be and squeeze until you have a nice looking bunny head and bunny body. Take a rubber band and wrap it semi-snugly around the neck... not too tight unless you want your sock bunny to have a wobbly bobble head (too loose will allow rice to escape the head).

Note: You can cover up the rubber band when you decorate by using ribbon for a bow or fabric for a scarf.

Creating a no-sew sock bunny couldn't be easier with these simple steps... and now for my favorite part, the face! #nosewsockbunny #sockanimals #sockcrafts #Eastercrafts #sockbunnytutorial

7. Now it's time to make the bunny face using buttons, googly eyes, markers, beads, thread, wire etc.

Sock Craft Tutorial: Memory wire makes a cute nose with whiskers.

Tip: Memory wire makes a cute nose with whiskers. I like to wrap one piece around three pieces several times as shown to the right.

...You can also do something similar with embroidery thread picked apart into strands. Use your imagination, making the face is the coolest part!

These next steps are optional... if you want bunny feet and arms that hold a treat...

Making the optional bunny arms and feet is easy.

8. Cut bunny paws and bunny arms from something like craft foam or felt. Make the arms longer than needed at first because you will trim the extra length later.

9. Glue bunny feet in place.
Next, glue the hands together as if they are grasping each other. ...see photos below
Put the treat or flowers in place and the arms over it to see how tight you need to glue the arms.
I hold everything together and hot glue each of the arms to the sides to ensure a tight fit.
Trim any extra sticking out from the back of the arms if needed. ...See images below for visual instructions on this...

Tip: A hot glue gun really works best for adhering stuff to socks.

A hot glue gun works great for adhering stuff to socks.

You are done!

...Now go on and make somebunny's Easter super hoppy by giving this sock bunny in a basket and/or holding a treat, flowers or a Happy Easter balloon.

That's how to make a super easy bunny from a sock!

Sock Bunny Homemade Gift Ideas...

Ideas for giving sock bunnies for homemade gifts... Snuggle your homemade bunny inside an Easter basket and surround it with Easter eggs and treats.
  • Snuggle your homemade bunny inside a small basket and surround it with a ring of candy-filled plastic Easter eggs.
  • Snuggle your homemade rabbit inside a large basket and surround it with traditional Easter gifts like chocolate bunnies, Spring activities, Peeps, Easter eggs, candy, Easter decor, hair bows and hair flowers etc.
  • Give it by itself with the "Somebunny Love You" Easter gift tag featured under supplies.
  • Put something in this bunny's arms... You can snuggle in just about any decorative candy tube and/or a festive little balloon or you can stick a giant silk daisy in it's cute little arms (or fresh flowers of course).
  • ...Depending on how you glue on the arms, you can also design your sock rabbit to hold a small chocolate, a candy bar... even a bag of jelly beans.

You can also make a DIY Sock Bunny Kit! Learn how to make individual one-bunny kits using baby food jars... or make a kit with materials for several sock bunnies (to give to a family for example). Printable tags with instructions included.

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