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This free printable butterfly coloring page is cute and silly!

This Silly Butterfly coloring page is sweet and of course silly. It's as if she just got her wings! ...In fact, check out the coordinating caterpillar coloring page to see what she was up to before...

Homemade gifts can be a super fun and memorable part of your holiday traditions! I recommend getting the kiddos to help whenever possible.

...And during those times when you need to do without little helpers, print my cute coloring activity pages for a little easy kid entertainment!

Free coloring book pages also make great additions to birthday parties - just hand them out for easy activities. They can also be slipped into party grab bags or handed out at the end. Enjoy!

To Print: Simply right-click on the image and choose Print Picture... This is an 8 1/2 x 11 inch image with margins, so you can print it on standard typing paper with excellent results (as are all my exclusive coloring pages).

Note: Please feel free to link to this page and to share with friends and family. Never re-post my printables as they are copyrighted material.

Silly Butterfly Coloring Page:

Free printable butterfly coloring page!

I hope you and your kids enjoy this butterfly page. Be sure to check out the rest of my site for lots more free printables, gift tag templates and homemade gift tutorials for both fun and thriftiness.

Do you need some playful gift tag templates for a birthday gift?

Here's a few of my more playful gift tag templates.

They are so easy to use! You can print them directly onto your pretty paper or card stock and cut them out for immediate use, or you can make your own templates by tracing them onto card board (ex. cereal boxes work great) and keeping them on had for last minute gift tags all year round.

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