Origin of Valentine's Day

Wondering About the Origin of Valentine's Day?

Valentines Day is a fun holiday for creating homemade gifts!

Saint Valentine's Day is a Holiday on the 14th of February. On this day every year, people all over the world show and celebrate love and affection.

Most people agree that the origin of Valentine's Day most likely revolves around a Christian martyr named Valentine, however which one remains to be in debate.

Apparently there are several early Saints named Valentine with various histories and legends attached that may have caused or impacted the creation of Valentine's Day.

Was Valentine a genuine sweetheart of a Saint, spreading love and compassion throughout his life to the point of inspiring a Holiday? Or was he a Saint in love or fighting for love and martyred for his beliefs?

I like to think that no matter what, there was once a Saint named Valentine who was such an inspiration in the matters of love and compassion, that the Valentine's Day holiday was born and named accordingly. And look at that, as a result, Valentine's Day has persisted for hundreds of years, continuously inspiring us to show how much we care each and every year.

Today, Saint Valentine's Day results in a lot of commercial gain, with significant sales in store-bought flowers, candy and especially Valentine's Day greeting cards, but why complain?... I think it's pretty neat that lovers across our beautiful planet take the opportunity to express love and affection whether with gifts, cards or sweet deeds. And it's not like I'm going to turn down a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates from my sweetie.

Plus, you can always make your own Valentine gifts and cards, that's what this site is all about... (or do something sweet and free to celebrate)...

Perhaps the meaning is even more important than the origin of Valentine's Day. If love is an essential part of leading a joyful life, perhaps we're better off celebrating our love every day and a little extra on the 14th of February.

Ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day...

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