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I'm so glad you're here visiting my Gift Making Web Site! Please let me know how you like it and what your next homemade gift project will be.

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Hello! My name is Jesika Heffley, founder of During the Holidays, I spend several months working for one of the top gift basket and gourmet food gift companies in the USA.

The rest of the year, I enjoy flexible hours working on this web site, creating projects and recipes, taking care of my family (including my two kiddos who love to help me bake and craft!) and a variety of hobbies I enjoy.

The goal of this web site is to help and inspire people to make wonderful and satisfying homemade gifts. Why? Because I believe that homemade gifts are life enhancers.

I believe that making gifts causes us to slow down and to savor our relationships more. Homemade gifts encourage us to enjoy the little things in life... and we may even discover a new hobby or passion in the process!

I hope to provide a starting point for new arts and crafts to be learned, as well as a place to share easy and inexpensive homemade gift ideas for people of all ages. Most of all I hope to have fun and inspire fun for you!

This web site comes from my love of sharing creativity as well as my life time of experience teaching and learning all things fun, crafty and thrifty. Gift making is a priceless tradition with many more benefits than just thriftiness.

Having a variety of crafting experience is a gift I've learned to cherish. I was particularly lucky growing up to have a mother who taught arts and crafts to all ages as well as grandparents and even great grandparents to show me the value of creating from scratch. My house had constant craft parties, projects always in the works and there was always something new to learn.

My life has consisted of a wide variety of experiences from backpacking trips to traveling and studying abroad, from working as a counselor for teens in need to marriage and a child. Throughout these pursuits, one thing has always been there - homemade gifts.

I love the creating and the giving of things that bring the biggest and the brightest smiles to friends and family. I love the thriftiness of re-purposing, the joy of baking and the creativity of DIY crafts and projects that shine with love and originality.

Since I've become a mother and cut back significantly on my hours at work, homemade gifts have been even more necessary for our budget. Thankfully, there is the added bonus of fun, fulfillment and creative expression that comes from gift making. I look forward to our time together and thank you for visiting!

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Questions, comments or ideas for homemade gifts? Contact me anytime! Not sure where to start? How about back on my home page.

FYI - I am in the process of adding lots more information and tutorials. I add pages as fast as I can - in the mean time - sign up for my Blog or my newsletter for more homemade gift ideas!

Many Blessings,

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