How to Make a Herb Wreath

Step by Step: How to Make a Wreath Out of Fragrant Herbs

An herb wreath is the perfect way to use up fresh herbs and gift lovely fragrant garden gifts...

A handmade herb wreath is a joyful homemade gift idea. It's that wholesome feeling of creating gifts out of the natural materials available that makes these handmade wreaths such a joy to make... and to give!

During the summer it is particular fun to bring over an herb wreath when you visit someone's house instead of a bottle of wine (for example) for a hostess gift...

Bonuses to making wreaths with herbs?

If you have an herb garden, you know that each year your herb plants get bigger and bigger - you end up with way more fresh and dried herbs than you can possibly ever use! This is where herb wreaths come in handy...

Learn how to make a wreath with herbs and you'll turn doomed to become unused herbs into lovely fragrant gifts for your home and the homes of friends and family. Such a joy! Plus, if you use your own home grown herbs, these cute homemade gifts cost close to a dollar to make.

Need Herbs? If you don't have an herb garden, I recommend you start one as soon as possible. Herbs even grow great in containers so no excuses... However, to get your hands on some fresh herbs right now, you can purchase them at the grocery store or farmers market... or even better, try to find a friend with extras in their own garden. They may be happy to prune for good use.

How to Make a Wreath With Herbs

Herb wreaths can be used simply for their wholesome beauty and pleasing fragrances (they will scent a room or even a small house) or they can also be functional: hang it in a cool dark place in the house and you can pick herbs for cooking once they dry.

Best Herbs for Making Herb Wreaths: Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, Oregano, Bay, Marjoram, Chive Flowers... especially anything thick and/or woody will be your best options because they dry well.

Basil in particular and some other delicate herbs actually wilt and turn brown very quickly in a not-so-attractive way... those can still be used decoratively in herb bouquets that will be kept in a vase of water (always out of direct sunlight) plus the fresh lasting leaves can be picked for a few days as needed.

This herb wreath is full of sage, rosemary, lavender and oregano...Materials Used Here:

  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Oregano (Flowering)
  • 9" Wooden Wreath Base (or whatever base you choose)
  • Green Florist Wire


  • Scissors
  • Jars (for holding water and herb bundles)
  • Wire Cutters (I just use the little ones I keep for jewelry making)

Note About Base: I use an attractive wood wrapped wreath base here because I like the look of it and I get them at my local dollar store guessed it...$1. You can use any small base for this project. If the base needs to be fully covered, you can either pump up the volume of the herbs you use (really layer it up, keeping in mind that the herbs will shrink a little when they dry out) or use a bit of dried green moss (such as sphagnum moss) to cover it first, then proceed with the herbs.

Handmade Wreath Steps

  • Pick herbs and place each bundle in a jar of water
  • Remove any yellowing, old, dead or damaged leaves from the sprigs you plan to use
  • Starting with the rosemary (it makes a nice base here), lay the herbs down on the base until it looks full and even

Start by covering the wreath base with rosemary...

  • Tip: When possible, make your wreath nice and full since the herbs will shrink as they dry, you don't want the dried wreath to look sparse
  • Secure the first bundle of rosemary by wrapping florists wire around herb's base and the wreath base (alternatively you could use green raffia or something similar for securing the herbs to the wreath)
  • Working backwards, secure several bundles of rosemary the same way until the wreath base is covered
  • Position the sage where you'd like it (I chose quantities of 3 for the rest of the herb sprigs) and secure wire around sage's base and the wreath base - you can use individual pieces of wire for each one or keep the same wire going by wrapping around and around as needed

Sage and rosemary give this garden gift a fragrant and full base...

  • Now add little bundles of lavender and flowering oregano, securing with wire - use the bundles to hide any wire that shows
  • Add a loop of wire for hanging when you're sure which end will be the top
  • Design Note: After laying down a base of rosemary, I chose 3 large sprigs/bundles of each herb and placed them equal distances from each other - sets of 3 can be pleasing to the eye but don't hesitate to get creative with other layouts

Sets of 3 work well when adding herbs to this handmade herb wreath...

  • Tip: Be sure to hide wire wrapped areas with herbs as you go
  • You could always add a raffia bow or some other embellishment but I like the simplicity of this 100% herbs from the garden handmade wreath gift, it speaks to me as I hope it will speak to you...

Finished homemade herb wreath gift...

  • Final touches: add a homemade gift tag if desired and
  • Be sure to give the recipient verbal or written instructions to keep herb wreath in cool place out of direct sunlight if they plan to use the herbs for cooking once dried

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