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Homemade Gift Basket with Apples, Bread and HoneyHomemade gift basket ideas are as varied as people! In fact, it's our experience that you can find a perfect gift basket idea to suit ANYONE and any SITUATION or OCCASION!

Gift Basket Suggestions

Kids love them... with lots of little gifts it's easy to make a great kid's gift basket... put together a basket full of things that instantly excite kids such as colorful small gifts typical of party favors, candy - whether it be common (M&Ms) or less common (ring pops or bubble gum tape) and kid's snacks...

Or you can put together a basket of kid's art supplies, craft supplies, puzzles, games or activities...

A gift basket is not just a gift... but a whole experience. Some gift baskets are so beautiful, it's hard to take them apart (but everyone gives in sooner or later).

Through your homemade gift basket you might pamper someone with an evening of bath products, candles and tea.

You might provide all the trimmings for a night of fun at home with snacks, games and drinks... or a night of fun out on the town with body glitter, crazy accessories and a taxi certificate.

You can concentrate on a special interest, hobby or passion of the one you‘re making it for. Or you can simply tie it all together with a tasty food gift basket theme, such as "Italy's Finest" or a "Perfect Pizza" kit.

Wondering how to make your own gift basket?

Go to our instruction for making gift baskets...

You may also like to visit our gift basket suggestions to help you get you started with a great gift basket theme.

Recipes in a jar make great homemade gift basket ideas... put together a few gift jar recipes for a special holiday breakfast, a rainy day, a chocolate lover, coffee lover, for kids to make or for any special theme!

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