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Planning ahead saves money. Trust me! I've learned from experience that...

  • it's those last minute craft supplies that are never on sale
  • it's the most convenient store nearby (the one you use for last minute ingredients) that ends up costing twice as much as you'd normally pay... or more
  • and it's certainly the stress of things not working out right that will drive a person to spend whatever it takes to have a presentable gift for the occasion at hand

We've all done this so many times! So many many times... And it is never fun!

Here's a couple options you might like to have on hand to help you remember birthdays and special occasion in advance. They can also be used to organize our life...

    A free program with free reminders to your email box and your cell phone. This one has been live for 13 years, which is a big plus in my book since setting up yearly reminders takes a bit of work.
    A weird name but another great free reminder service that delivers free reminders to your email box and your cell phone.

A lot of the free reminder services we've seen are intended to help you send ecards. This means they only remind you of an upcoming birthday or holiday 1 day in advance, which is not much time for homemade gifts. The following have some neat features but have that particular birthday reminder limitation:

    Super cool site but only reminds you by email 1 day in advance. Very neat way to keep track of your family tree and you can check in anytime you want to see all the upcoming birthdays and anniversaries in your family.
    Also free to use (but most of the ecards require a membership). There are lots of built in holiday reminders that you can request. The reason I like this reminder service is because there is a built in email function that automatically requests birth dates from friends and family and sets up the reminders upon reply.

Tip: Technology is great but we all know that it isn't perfect. That's why it's a good idea to also write or type a master list with all the birth dates and anniversaries of friends and family. If you type it out on your computer, you can save it for easy locating and updating. Be sure to also print it out and keep it handy for quick reference.

Cheap Homemade Gift Ideas that make sweet and thoughtful gifts are super fulfilling.

Forget the expensive Hallmark cards, you can make your own cards with easy ideas and free card making templates.

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