Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags!

Everything You Need to Make Your Own Gift Tags for Christmas...

Free printable Christmas gift tags

These free printable Christmas gift tags are super fun!

Simply print out the desired template and use it to make your own holiday gift tags to go with:

There's so much you can do with these templates...

You can even create your own homemade Christmas ornaments.

Below you'll find several printable gift tag templates.

Just print, cut and mat if desired. Then embellish your new tags as you like...

Please note that these are my exclusive gift tag creations. All tags copyright © and provided for personal and gift giving use only. All Rights Reserved.

Use these free gift tags to make your own creative holiday tags!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tag Templates...

The following free Christmas gift tag templates can be used to make your very own elegant holiday gift tags or even homemade Christmas ornaments.

You will also have the option to make your own stencils (for use again and again) using these templates.

Read more on making stencils and creating ornaments below...


To Print...

Right click on the gift tag you want to print and choose [print picture] or [save picture]... print several tags at once (or to resize tags), copy and paste tags into a word processor program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office (a free alternative).

Bell and Tree Templates...

  • Use the light gray dot on top as a guide to punch a hole... run ribbon through the hole as is or apply an eyelet.
  • These templates make cute Christmas gift tags of course, but they also can be used to create Christmas decorations, Christmas gift bag embellishments, Christmas greeting cards and homemade Christmas ornaments for sending in the mail or for the Christmas tree...
Bell shaped gift tag template.
Tree shaped gift tag template.

Ornament Templates:

Homemade Christmas ornament idea!

The following tags have two options for how to use them.

  • Option 1: Punch. You can use the light gray dot on top as a guide to punch a hole for this gift tag (just like the templates above). You can leave the hole as is or add an eyelet if desired.
  • Option 2: Fold. This is what I did to create the homemade Christmas ornament to the right. To do this, include the very faint light gray tab on top when you cut your template. Then, you will be able to fold that tab down against the back to form a loop for looping a ring or string...

Be sure to scroll down for more design tips and techniques!

Note: The following templates are much larger than they appear.

Round Christmas ornament with point gift tag template.
Round Christmas ornament gift tag.
Oval with point gift tag template.

Creative Tips for Free Printable Christmas Gift Tag Templates...

DIY Christmas gift tag ideas!

These templates are really just a starting point to make beautiful gift tags, Christmas crafts, greeting cards and homemade Christmas ornaments.

I've included a few ideas below to get you thinking about the fun things you can do with these templates.

If you enjoy these free printable Christmas gift tags and want to use them more than once, you may like to make your own permanent templates.

To do this, simply trace the shapes onto cereal box card board and cut them out carefully. Then you can use your new templates to trace as many patterns as you want!

First... Print and Cut.

Print one or more of these free printable Christmas gift tags. For each gift tag template, hold or secure it to a piece of good quality heavy weight paper, such as card stock, and cut along the black line.


You can mat your template onto a slightly larger piece of card stock for a really nice look. To make a mat for your tag simply hold or secure the tag or cut-out template to a contrasting piece of paper and cut the desired larger size. You can then discard the template or use it as a guide for another tag. Use straight scissors or decorative design scissors.

Punch or Fold.

Punch a hole in the top. Leave it as is or add an eyelet. Some of these tags allow you to cut a mirrored image of the top of the tag to fold down to the back, creating a loop for ribbon or even a ring. Below: Punched with eyelet Left and fold over loop Right.

Decorate and embellish as desired using beads, glitter, sequins, buttons, sewing, stickers, stamps, punches, photos... anything you can think of!

You may also be interested in these various formal and double punch gift tag templates... as well as these playful shaped gift tag templates!

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