Make an Adorable Halloween Sock Spider

Dress Your Homemade Sock Spider Up Anyway You Like, No Sewing Skills Required...

These Halloween sock spiders are easy to make, inexpensive and adorable!

Where did the idea for a Halloween sock spider come from?

A few years back I made sock snowmen for Christmas presents. Actually, my husband helped me, which was amazing since he really doesn't enjoy crafts.

Turns out, we both had a blast and we agreed, there is something really special about these little sock guys (and gals).

Then, we got so many heartfelt reviews of the sock snowmen, I had the idea for a Halloween Sock Spider... thinking it would be a cute little homemade Halloween gift for a child, a friend, co-worker or a teacher.

Sock crafts are one of those crafts that are extraordinarily fun to make!

Sock spiders make cute decorations, festive paper weights and funny homemade gifts.

Your sock spider can be a cute gift for kids or made by kids.

It can be a funny gift for an adult (like a spider-phobic buddy) or it can be a cute addition to a homemade Halloween gift basket, along with a few treats.

I happen to love the price (less than $1 each if you shop wisely) and dressing them up is super fun!

So let's get started!

How to Make This Creepy Crawly Cutie...


  • Tube Sock - Black cotton preferably size 6 - 18 months
  • Chenille Stems - 4 black (12 inch) - or pipe cleaners
  • Googly Eyes - 2 small and 2 medium sized
  • Toothpicks - 2 wooden
  • White paint
  • Rubber bands - 3 skinny (small-medium sized bands work best)
  • Ribbon or fabric - cut in a thin strip
  • Rice - about 1 cup


  • Hot glue gun - loaded
  • Measuring cup
  • Canning funnel or use a piece of paper, rolled into a funnel
  • Paint brush or foam brush

Halloween Sock Spider Instructions:

  • Fill Sock with Rice. Work the rim of the sock around the funnel. Use a measuring cup to fill sock with about one cup rice. Separate the sock into sections with rubber bands, leaving the ridged part of the sock free like below. Make sure your first section is the largest, since this will be the body.
  • Form Hat. Form a hat by pulling the ribbed part of the sock down over the top section. Leave enough room for the spider eyes and teeth.
  • Glue Sections. Using a hot glue gun, glue together the sections of the body. Glue the head section at an angle as seen below. If the rubber band shows around the neck, that's ok since it can be covered up later with ribbon. Put a couple dabs of glue under the hat to secure it as well.
  • Add Legs and Eyes. First, fold each chenille stem in half twice. Each stem will make two spider legs as seen in figure "a" below. Next, use a small dab of hot glue to adhere a leg set to each side of the two body sections as seen in figure "b" below. Adhere googly eyes as desired. Your Halloween sock spider should resemble the one in figure "c."

    Tip: Use glue sparingly because it may show on black fabric. Once the legs are glued in place, I use the gun's nozzle to rub a thin line up the stem about 1/4 inch and I then adhere each leg more securely. You can also sew the chenille stems on.
  • Dress Your Spider. Dress the little guy with a bow, scarf or other fun accessories. Make your Halloween sock spider fashionable using the ribbon of your choice, or a piece of cozy flannel cut to look like a warm fall scarf.
  • Make tooth pick teeth. Take each toothpick and stick them into your spider's face to make teeth. Use a twisting motion to penetrate easily. Once positioned, pull them out partially and paint the ends white. Once dry, push them back in to look like spider teeth. If a point comes out the back, snip it off so no one gets poked accidentally.

That's it!

Sock Spiders Make Adorable and Funny Homemade Gifts!

Your homemade Halloween spider gift is ready to go.

If you'd like a free printable gift tag to go along with one of these cute homemade sock gifts, here you go (Halloween Printables)!

Snuggle a cute sock spider in with your Halloween gift basket goodies or give it as a joke to your favorite spider-phobic friend...

Either way, have a fun and spooky Halloween!

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