Potted Candy Arrangements

Make Potted Candy Arrangements For Simple No-Bake Sweetness!

I love to make potted candy arrangements for simple no-bake sweetness!

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day, Birthdays, Graduations, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, teacher gifts... [deep breath!] ...these are just a few of the Holidays you can make candy arrangements and candy bouquets for...

This year, I made these super simple chocolate candy bouquets for Thanksgiving gifts. They were really fun to make and they look so cute on my table as they await Thanksgiving gift giving time.

One is for my child's teacher (love these for Thanksgiving teacher gifts!) and the other two will be for Thanksgiving hostess gifts. I am so excited to give them away with our deep appreciation and thankfulness for those who add so much to our lives.

How to Make Candy Bouquets

In my opinion, chocolate candy bouquets make great homemade gift ideas for just about any holiday or occasion!

There are many many ways to make candy arrangements, for example, using various pots, glass vases, re-purposed tin cans and baskets. Here I'll show you specifically how to make chocolate candy bar bouquets in small 4" pots. I love using little flower pots, they're so cute and easy!

Potted Candy Bouquet Instructions...

These candy bouquet instructions will help you make candy arrangements using your favorite candy bars!Supplies: Here's what you'll need for 3 potted candy arrangements.

  • Pots. Three 4" pots (you can buy them glazed or save $ by painting Terra Cotta pots yourself)
  • Foam. Three tapered floral foam pieces measuring 3.8 inches or 96mm (I get mine at my local dollar store)
  • Paper Shred. Whatever color you want.
  • Wooden Skewers. 18 wooden skewers (6 for each pot)
  • Clear Packing Tape. I prefer to use clear packing tape to secure the candy to the skewers but you can also use a hot glue gun
  • Candy. For this project I used 9 Hershey bars and 18 square Milk Chocolate Reese's
  • Optional: Ribbon and gift tag (here's the printable gift tag I used if you would like to use it too)

Tools Needed:

  • Wire Cutters. Wire cutters or heavy duty scissors capable of cutting through the wooden skewers
  • Marker. A marker is handy to mark where to cut
  • Hot Glue Gun. Sometimes this is handy for making sure the paper shred covers the foam insert

Step 1. Foam. Insert foam pieces. They should fut snuggly inside the pot.

Learn how to make candy bouquets and super cute potted candy arrangements!

Check out these candy bouquet instructions featuring super cute potted candy arrangements for any holiday or occasion!Step 2. Paper Shred.
Put a handful of paper shred on top. Once you put in the skewers, the paper shred will stay in place. You can use a glue gun at any point to adhere globs of paper shred to the floral foam if it is loose or if the foam is showing through the shred.

Step 3. Cut Skewers.
Use a marker to mark how much of each skewer needs to be removed. Be sure to measure the length, starting at the top of the candy you will be using, down to the bottom of the pot. Then use wire cutters or another suitable tool to cut each skewer to the proper length. Cut from the flat end, you'll need the point to puncture the floral foam.

These are some great tips for making your own candy arrangements!Make a cute chocolate candy bouquet for someone SWEET!

Step 4. Adhere Skewers to Candy Bars. Use a piece of clear packing tape to adhere a skewer to the back of each candy bar. Use a piece of packing tape long enough to cover the entire back of each candy for best results.*

How to make candy bouquets... I love these tips for adorable DIY candy arrangements!I love this! Candy arrangements are such a cute way to give a little homemade sweetness :)

*Some people use hot glue to glue the skewer under the back flap of the candy bar. This is fine, I've done it this way several times, but I've grown to prefer the clear packing tape myself. It has been more reliable for me and easier to work with.

Tip: I do not recommend using off brand packing tape or regular tape as it may not be strong enough to hold.

Step 5. Insert skewers into floral foam. Place the candy skewers into the foam. For this project I placed a Hershey Bar and then a Reese's right in front in three different spots, spreading them out as I liked.

Yummy chocolate candy bouquets are a snap to make with these easy candy bouquet instructions!Make the BEST candy arrangements with these step-by-step candy bouquet instructions from www.homemadegiftguru.com!

These candy arrangements make great homemade Thanksgiving gift ideas using the free Thanksgiving printables provided!That's it!

You can use this method with a huge variety of chocolate candy bars as well as non-chocolate candy. Plus you can customize the colors and make a gift tag suitable for just about any holiday or occasion!

I hope you have a SWEET time making your own yummy candy arrangements!

Once your candy arrangements are done, you may want to make a gift tag. The gift tags in the picture above can be found on my Thanksgiving printables page or you can find a ton of free printable gift tags for other occasions on my free printable crafts and tags main page.

Are you ready for Christmas?

Spend less, stress less, and smile more with a few good homemade gift ideas!

Spend less, stress less and smile more with a few good homemade Christmas gift ideas!

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